Project Workplace from Cisco Collaboration R&D

You can think of Project Workplace as a conversation enabler around collaboration technologies. Originally created as an interactive presentation tool for the sales team in 2013, the usage has diverged in many directions. The tool is now used pre-, in- and post-meetings, as well as an information hub for reference. We are so happy to see that our partners and customers also have adopted the tool and become dependent on it. In total, there has been over 5 million page views and over 200 thousand users.

It is important to know that Project Workplace is more than a website. The website is a visual result of a rigorous iterative process of scenario testing and product development. In our Scenario Lab, all aspects of the scenarios are tested, for instance room acoustics, camera height in relation to screen sizes, microphone placements and table shapes.

A lot of effort has been spent to find the best compromises to give the best experiences. As an example, the screen sizes affect the optimal camera and loudspeaker placement. These variables are again dependent on room size and table shape. The findings from this testing is what you can see visualized in the Scenarios and described in the Best Practice Document.

Project Workplace has recently made the leap to VR. Creating truly immersive demonstrations has the capability to revolutionize the sales process and ignite the passion for video collaboration in existing and future customers.

The development of Project Workplace is a truly collaborative effort, being a guiding star for cross-functional collaboration between functions and business units within Cisco.

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