Cisco Webex Edge for Devices

Webex Edge for Devices enables  your on-premises devicesto consume a subset of cloud services such as getting access to Webex Control Hub to monitor and administer your devices.

Areas for consideration

  • You must have administrator access in control hub 

  • Cisco Webex Edge Device Connector:

    • To onboard and link on-premises devices to the Webex cloud, start by downloading the Cisco Webex Device Connector desktop application from Webex Control Hub. 

    • If the Cisco Webex Devices is running CE 9.12.3  or higher, the linking to Webex Cloud can be done automatically

    • You can onboard devices directly from CUCM, CSV/TMS export file

      • Move device in bulk or one by one

  • Enabling Webex Edge for Devices does not change the media paths that your on- premises video devices use today and no additional IP subnets for voice, video and content sharing need to be whitelisted in your enterprise firewall.


Cisco Webex Edge for Devices Whitepaper