Hybrid calendar enabling One Button to Push

One Button To Push (OBTP) is a meeting capability that can be enabled via Hybrid calendar for Webex room devices. It allows  for simple meeting joining experience. For attendees, this big green button is provided on the device. 

Areas for consideration

  • Exchange Administrator/Office 365 Admin/Google Admin need to assign a device a resource account and log in that email account so that the email account can be assigned to the device. This needs to be created before it is assigned a workspace in control hub

  • If the originator of the meeting is in the same organization and invites room as participant or resources, OBTP will function.

  • Plan for calendar migration and create a workspace (previously place) 28 days well in advance via control hub.


Overview of One Button to Push (OBTP)

Deployment Guide for Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service