Webex Cloud Registered Endpoints

Simplify your network and get the latest features automatically when cloud registering your Webex enabled video endpoints.

Areas for consideration

To leverage video endpoints with Webex Cloud, you will need the following:

  • Cisco Endpoints - See resources for supported devices and version requirements

  • A Webex Cloud Subscription

You will need to have the following information in order to setup your Webex Cloud environment via Control Hub

  • Email address of your Webex Admin who will receive order confirmation

  • Official legal name of your company

  • Webex site name (if using Webex)

  • The domain you would prefer to use in your SIP URI

Note that Webex Teams client has a SIP URI so this means you can make/receive direct SIP calls between Webex-registered video endpoints and Webex Teams clients (free or paid).

In order to best leverage Webex Cloud services, you may opt for:

Webex Teams and/or Webex Meetings


For details of how your personal information is managed and stored in the Webex cloud, see the Webex Teams Privacy data sheet

Cisco Webex Teams Security and Privacy whitepaper