Network Readiness

Many problems encountered in a video deployment could be network related. Performance of your video deployment relies upon  bandwidth, firewall, media flow and QoS. These can impact user-experience and must be properly evaluated and addressed. 

Areas for consideration

Network configuration requirements for video services can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Connection must support the Webex service

    • Use the to check the status of the customer network, specifically for the speed of the network using TCP and UDP, and port connectivity. 

  • Allowing UDP vs TCP traffic

  • Availability of bandwidth

    • Validating Sufficient Bandwidth

    • Before, consider the number of SIP endpoints registered to Cisco Unified CM and the available Internet edge bandwidth per site

    • Check QoS policy, review Cisco Webex guidance on QoS best practice

  • Network configuration  (link to network document on

Through proper planning and design before deploying your video system, you can reduce the amount of effort that will be required to maintain high-quality experiences.


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