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We believe in inspired teams

Your work is dependent on other people, and they depend on you. Solving complex tasks in multidisciplinary teams is central to the future of work. We believe that understanding and fostering teams is business critical.

Inspired teams are brilliant together and deliver outstanding work, while maintaining a healthy and meaningful work environment. To us, teamwork is about finding purpose and building trust. Through research we have developed a simple model of teamwork, structured around modes of interactions; where people connect, share and engage.

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Connect - people connect by meeting face to face
Share - Teams share to build a common understanding
Engage - Engage with the team by reflecting and exploring
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  • Connect

    Connecting face to face involves having meaningful conversations, building relationships and empathizing with others. When we listen to others, we expand our understanding. When someone listens to our thoughts and beliefs, we feel deeply understood. Connection is the social glue and builds trust, a necessary foundation for people to be the best version of themselves. 

  • Share

    By continuously sharing knowledge within the team, we build a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts. Explaining something to others, gives deeper insight. Learning something new enlightens us. A culture of learning and sharing is core to having a robust collective team memory. An informed team is also more agile and can react and adapt quickly to the changes around them. 

  • Engage

    Team engagement involves all the activities we do to create something together. Through ideating, building and reviewing, planning and assigning tasks, we iterate, reflect, explore and get a deeper collective understanding of our work. Being visual helps everyone in the team acquiring this collective memory. 

  • What happens when you introduce different locations?

    Connecting, Sharing and Engaging becomes increasingly difficult when you introduce dispersed locations. Here is where technology really comes into play. Cisco technology lowers the handicaps that are introduced when people are in different places.

"Remote meetings are a way of life here ... it’s about the people ... Our people feel better, so they do better."

- Massimiliano Cappa, Vice President ICT Services at Danieli

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