Webex Desk - in different colors on transparent background

Cisco Desk Series

Keep your colleagues close when working remotely with high-quality, face-to-face collaboration.

Business-class HD video at any desk

With the Cisco Desk series, distance is no barrier. You can meet remotely with anyone, in a highly secure, reliable, easy-to-use environment.

Office space containing multiple desks with Webex DeskPros. Some display w/ red-ish details stating desk is booked, others that the desk is available all day with green details in the ui

Personalized hot desking at your fingertips

Turn any desk into your private workspace with Cisco Desk Series devices. Easily identify an available desk with simple on-screen status indicator and experience the benefits from a dedicated all-in-one collaboration device to improve productivity in any flexible seating workspace.

All-in-one desktop collaboration

Clear your desktop of clutter and get desktop video. Select a modular approach letting Desk Hub integrate to your existing setup, or choose between a 15-inch, 24-inch or 27-inch as your monitor. These devices and features can replace your IP phone, monitor, speakers and more.

Remote workers wellbeing

Increase productivity with a video first experience – benefit from proactive meeting notifications, one button to join meetings, easy accessible meeting and privacy controls. Ensure employee health with ergonomically heightened camera for natural face to face interaction. 

Always look your best

Enjoy up to 4K Ultra HD video with the intelligent webcam optimized for Webex while supporting meetings on any platform.