Executive Meeting

Designed as a premium experience for the hybrid boardroom

    Cisco Panorama - Ways to Collaborate
  • Bridge two different meeting rooms into one seamless video conference with a life-like, panoramic overview of all participants and immersive audio—no matter the distance.

  • Connect with multiple remote meeting rooms and endpoints while leveraging smart, inclusive layout options and crystal-clear sound to give everyone an equal spot at the table.

  • Video content icon

    Get a focused view of any shared content and a rich presentation experience thanks to a dedicated content screen, so you never miss any idea.

  • Local meeting icon

    Benefit from having all remote meeting participants equally framed and spread across two video screens, when using Webex or third-party platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google and Zoom.

  • Choose a high-quality, Cisco-designed birch finish for a premium natural feel.

  • Select paint panels to match any interior.

  • Opt for the custom wall integration for a discrete finish.

Cisco Room Panorama

The Room Panorama is a premium video collaboration solution providing immersive video experience, rich content sharing, and co-creation experience for executive meeting rooms. This fully integrated system combines beautiful design and powerful functionality into an all-in-one solution for medium-to-large rooms. The Room Panorama features a powerful engine to build more complex and specialized video scenarios.



Cisco Microphone Array

Cisco Microphone Array can capture participant voices from different directions and deliver multiple streams of high-fidelity audio. It recognizes which side of the table the speaker is on. To the far-end participants, it provides a more immersive, natural experience as voices coming from the left of the table are played back remotely from the left speaker, and vice versa.

It supports immersive and inclusive executive meeting and conferencing scenarios for in-person and remote participants alike—just as if they were all in the same room. The table mic array can be easily mounted on Better still, the Microphone Array is equipped with an intuitive mute button and a LED-light ring to indicate mute status. It can be elegantly recessed into the table or simply rest on the table as a natural part of your immersive meeting room environment.


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At Cisco we want to make the whole meeting experience as great as possible.


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