A welcoming personal home office featuring the Cisco Webex Desk Pro personal device.

Personal Office – Small

A great setup for one person in a small room.

    Ways to collaborate with the Webex Desk Pro
  • Local meeting icon

    With the Desk Pro you get an extended 4K display for your work.

  • Local meeting icon

    Elevate your workflow on screen using stickies.

  • HD video and audio calls - so you can see everyone’s reactions.

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    Collaborate with your team on screen in real time.

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    Present with your team on screen in real time.

Desk Pro

The Webex Desk Pro transforms the way you work, collaborate, and co-create from your desk or in a shared space. Featuring a 4K, 27-inch touchscreen, 71-degree FOV 12 MP camera, 3.1 sound system, and advanced noise-canceling mic array, the Webex Desk Pro provides an exceptional video meeting experience.

The Webex Desk Pro is fully enabled for collaboration experiences and includes the same video, audio, ideation, and APIs that are available across the Webex portfolio. With a USB-C connection, the Webex Desk Pro is your all-in-one docking station and primary monitor, offering a simple, exceptional collaboration experience that extends beyond the Webex portfolio to support your collaboration tools of choice.


You may qualify for additional discounts with active Enterprise Agreement or active User Agreement. Request quote to learn more.

US $5,495 *


Purpose-built for collaborating, whether you’re in a meeting, sharing your laptop screen, or brainstorming with a teammate. Enjoy a 24-inch interactive display, 64-degree 8MP camera, full-range speaker, and background noise removal mic array.

Color options: In addition to our familiar First Light (White), you can choose the dramatically deep Carbon Black, as well as three new limited-edition colors formulated to complement spaces and lifestyles: Desert Sand, Nordic Blue, and Woodland Green.

Stylus pen sold separately

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US $2,995 *

* Pricing is for guidance and planning purposes. This is not a binding offer from Cisco. Prices may vary on country and region. Price does not include Cisco Supported Services.

** Additional costs for support and installation services may apply.

*** Pricing upon request.

Room Experience

At Cisco we want to make the whole meeting experience as great as possible.


A welcoming personal home office featuring the Cisco Webex Desk Pro personal device.
Personal Office – Small
Extended monitor
Local stickies
Video meeting
Video co-creation
Video and presentation

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